A "Tip of the Hat" to Don Box for His Contribution to My PDC Experience

(Photo by DBegley.)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I was a young man in Australia, learning how to code ASP and COM. At that time, my soon-to-be-my-lifelong-hero, Don Box had written an utterly fantastic book entitled, "Essential COM".

(As an aside: Chapter 1 of this book blue-screened my brain. It was *that* good. To date, I still consider chapter 1 of "Essential COM" to be one of the greatest pieces of technical literature that I have ever read.)

It was during my time in Australia, I felt that the only way I could honour the man who had given COM developers so much, was to write him a song - albeit a very poorly written song:

Sung to "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes

Who's the man with tongue-in-cheek
that's a code machine to all the geeks?


You're damn right.
Who is the man
that would replace COM for its brother runtime?


Can ya dig it?
Who's the cat that won't cop out
when there's IDispatch all about


Right on
You see this cat Box is a bad mother--

(Shut your mouth)

But I'm talkin' about Box

(Then we can dig it)

He's a complicated man
but no one understands him but his pointers

(Don Box)

Yesterday, Chris Anderson and Don Box took the stage as part of a keynote address to the attendees here at Microsoft PDC. During their keynote, my appreciation for Don Box was immediately renewed. You can watch their keynote address from the Microsoft PDC Website once it's published.

To be clear, I've seen Don's presentations many times before. However, this time around was extra special for me because of the context of the presentation, which focused heavily on Windows Azure.

Thank you, Don. You have made my Microsoft PDC experience complete.

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