Igloo Coder Tour

I just came back from a trip in Halifax and I can tell you that there is a thriving community down east. Derek and Daniel have been working really hard on getting a small tour going called Igloo Coder Tour. If you live in the Maritimes make sure you sign up. Here’re the details:

The Igloo Coder Tour is sweeping across Atlantic Canada October 20 to 23!  Come hear Donald Belcham discuss fundamentals of object oriented development.  If you read MSDN, books or attend the average conference, you will be exposed to a world of promised drag and drop goodness and framework APIs.  Once you get to work and begin building and maintaining applications you find that these promises aren’t being realized.  Other programming communities have long touted the use of Object Oriented Programming fundamentals to ensure that an application's code base exists in a healthy state.  This presentation will look at the fundamentals of OOP that have long been forgotten by mainstream .NET programmers but are making a comeback.  The techniques discussed in this session will be practical and something that each attendee will be able to take to their job the day after attending.

Time, location, and registration details at http://deveast.com/.

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