A Chat with John Martin about MSDN and Social Bookmarking


Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) provides a one-stop-shop of information for developers building software on the Microsoft application platform. Over the past number of years, the breadth of information provided by MSDN has grown by leaps & bounds. Additionally, new capabilities like forums, videos, wikis, and many other tools have been added in order to help developers learn and build upon their skill sets.

For Canadian developers like me, MSDN provides a vital link back to Redmond and the rest of the developer community around the world. Recently, features like social networking and bookmarks have been introduced to facilitate the growing community at MSDN. To learn more about MSDN and some of these recently introduced features, I spoke to John Martin of the Server & Tools Online (STO) group at Microsoft:

For more information about the announcements surrounding the new social bookmarking capabilities of MSDN (and TechNet), make sure to check out John Martin's blog at blogs.technet.com/johmar. Alternatively, you can check out msdnbookmarks.com to see how this new feature will work.

About John Martin

John Martin is the Lead Evangelist for Server & Tools Online (STO) at Microsoft - the group that manages the global Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), TechNet, CodePlex, and Expression Websites. His group has a vision to open the sites up to the community and is starting to make some significant changes to the sites.

Update: A number of you have requested a downloadable version of this interview. I'll gone ahead and encoded the recording as a MP3 file, which I have attached to this post. Going forward, all interviews will be made available via Silverlight and MP3. Thanks for your feedback and please keep it coming!

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  1. Dan Rigsby says:

    Is there a download link for this podcast?

  2. Angel Amador says:


    Why is it that I can get my user id restored?  I was contributing very aggressively on one of the forum and somehow my account got locked and I don’t see anyone I can talk to fix the problem.  

    Can you help advice how I can get to someone to fix this problem.  I have been locked out for over four months.

  3. John Martin says:

    @Angel: Hi, pls send me all the details of your issue and I’ll have someone look into it. Sorry you have had issues. – John Martin (johmar@microsoft.com)

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