EDMUG, Project Kassandra, and Developers! Oh My!

On Thursday, I will be driving three hours north to Edmonton to hang out with members of the developer community and to connect with a few folks who are doing some great work on the .NET Framework.

Edmonton .NET User Group (EDMUG) 

First, I will attend a meeting of the Edmonton .NET User Group (EDMUG). This meeting will feature Rod Paddock talking Silverlight and its underpinnings. Rod is well known in the developer community and is conducting this event as part of mini-tour across Canada.

Here’s the abstract of Rob’s upcoming talk:

Silverlight for Business Developers

Isolated Storage, data templates, data grids, calling Web and WCF Services… All unsexy but essential topics when it comes to developing Silverlight 2.0 applications. This talk will demonstrate the various techniques for dealing with moving, consuming and manipulating data in the Silverlight 2.0 environment.

If you’re planning to attend this meeting, please make sure to register. You can do so at www.edmug.net.

While I’m in Edmonton, I also plan to chat with Donald Belcham and David Woods about their work on Project Kassandra. In case you haven’t heard about this project, please take the time to watch this report (Windows Media Video 9, 1:53) conducted by CBC Montreal.

The purpose of this project to provide software that will translate plain text from multiple different source types (Microsoft Word, HTML, etc.) into formats that have the characters represented as images that can be more easily read by people suffering from dyslexia. You can read Donald’s original blog post about this project here.

Donald and David were two of the developers on this project and I will be chatting with them about how they implemented it.

Hope to see you in Edmonton!

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  1. Education says:

    I was there, and still am in Edmonton for Student Education Conventions. Was very interesting.

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