EnergizeIT – Rock out with PHP on Windows!

Alright - you've seen the posts about EnergizeIT 2008 which happens in Toronto on Saturday, May 24.  I'm writing this post to talk about the loudest, roudiest, "goes-to-eleven" breakout track at the event.  Of course, I am talking about the PHP on Windows track.  Our theme for the track?  Glad you asked.  Rock & Roll.  Bring out the heavy riffs, wild drum solos and screaming vocals!

When you think about rock and roll, some of the images that typically come to mind are (in no particular order):

  • Amps turned all the way up
  • Flailing guitars
  • Trashed hotel rooms
  • Red M&Ms.  Only. Red. M&Ms.
  • Rickety tour buses
  • Roadies
  • Screaming fans
  • Stairway (don't gimme that confused look - you know what I'm talking about!)
  • Musical instruments on fire

Bottom line is, rock and roll is about differentiating yourself and having fun doing it.  That's why we see rock as being a great fit for this track - when you think about building Windows-based web solutions, you can't get more different than developing your solution in PHP!  While in the past PHP on Windows was just as painful as watching a music awards show due to performance issues, you can now develop lightning-fast PHP applications on Windows that will rock like a packed stadium of crazy fans!

So what are we going to talk about?  Check out these summaries below:

  • Session 1 - We Got It Going On! Setting up Windows for PHP Applications that Scream!:  Half the battle of being a huge rockstar is being different than the rest of the pack.  Discover your unique sound by finding out what it takes to set up Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 to make PHP applications that will pop eardrums. 
  • Session 2 - Developing PHP Apps for Windows That Will Leave Your Users Thunderstruck:  You know you're cool and ready to be the rock & roll black sheep of the Windows-based web development world by building a PHP app for the platform.  Learn from the experts how to build PHP apps on Windows so they sound like a 12-string instead of a ukelele. 
  • Session 3 - Right Here, Right Now:  Building Killer PHP User Interfaces with Expression Web 2:  You have the Windows Server set up.  You are building your PHP app and it's as cool as a wah-wah guitar riff from Eddie.  Now you need to make the UI pop like a heavy metal marathon.  Learn how Expression Web 2 can be like your tour manager - it allows you to set up the 18,000-fan arena and stage the way you want it for your PHP app.  Show's about to start, time to rock.

And, as an added bonus, the first person to show me their PHP on Windows application that integrates Silverlight or Windows Live will win something from me.  Look out for me at the conference - if you're the first to show me that awesome PHP on Windows web app you built, you'll be happy you did...

We're looking forward to seeing you at the conference.  Get ready for the concert of the century - the Rocking PHP on Windows track at EnergizeIT 2008!

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