Heroes Happen Here Launch Tour Resources (Updated)

Post-Event resources:
The videos and slides for the launch tour are now available at:

Here are some resources relating to the Developer Technical Readiness events.

Fourth Coffee Store Locator Demo: Similar to the one shown at the event (but using MapPoint instead of Virtual Earth) 

ASP.NET Club Starter Kit: The basis for the Hockey Club website.

Virtual Earth Interactive SDK: The map technology for the Fourth Coffee location demo.

Community Connection Resources: Feedback from the Community Connection events.

We will post more resources very soon.

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Comments (3)

  1. Joel Faigan says:

    I was just looking at some of the software we received after the launch and I have a couple of questions.

    1. Does the Windows Vista we received really expire after 1 year?!?!  Or is that only for the Windows Live Services?

    2. Why do we need a PIN to download an evaluation copy of SQL Server 2008?  Can’t anyone download an evaluation copy?  Or is that a mistake and the version we will recieve, upon launch, is not an evaluation coyp?



  2. Cynthia Lévis says:


    How could we get the PowerPoint presentation of the event?

    I thougt it would be in the little bag they gave us?

    Thank you.


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