Get Your Architecture On – What’s Up at CSAF08

This has been a busy week for many of us at Microsoft Canada.  We are holding the Canadian Strategic Architecture Forum (CSAF) in Vancouver from Wednesday, April 9 through Friday April 11.  This is a forum where we discuss the various disciplines of architecture and where the profession of architecture is going.  One of the new things this forum is doing this year is democratizing the information presented during the conference - all of the sessions (with the exception of roundtable sessions due to the form factor of that kind of breakout) are being recorded and made available through Silverlight Streaming.

Aaron, one of the attendees of this conference has excellent write-ups of the sessions for Day 1 and Day 2 (notes and sessions) and I encourage you to read his posts.  He also provides links to the streaming content that has been made available to-date.

I am presenting 2 sessions this week.  The first I did on Thursday on Rich, Interactive Applications (Silverlight Streaming Link) and the second I presented on Friday on the topic of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise (Silverlight Streaming Link).  I will post the link to the streaming video for the Web 2.0 session when it has been made available.  In the mean time, I have posted both my decks to Windows Live Skydrive.  The RIA presentation can be found here, while the Web 2.0 presentation can be found here.

[Edited (14 April, 2008):  Added the Silverlight Streaming Link for the Web 2.0 presentation.]

Comments (2)

  1. TimMcLoughlin says:

    Is anyone having problems accessing the CSAF08 site?  

    For some reason at Service Canada, we get "Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource." when we go to   Works at home.   It looks like some form of block for the Windows Integrated Authentication form.  

  2. Paul Laberge says:

    Hi, Tim.

    I don’t know of any issues accessing the CSAF site.  You need a login and password, so if you weren’t a participant of CSAF this year, you won’t have a login, but outside of that, I don’t think there are any issues with the site.

    Please let me know if you have further problems!


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