Very Cool Silverlight Demo

Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from a colleague, pointing me to a Silverlight application that demonstrates some of the newest capabilities found in the framework. The Silverlight in Financials Demonstrator is a mock-up that shows the interactions and experience you could get from a Silverlight-enabled site:


In addition to visually-rich transitions, there's great support for interactive video that drives charts, client-side charting, drag & drop, client-side calculations (for responsiveness), and cross-domain web services calling. All of these come together seamlessly to create a slightly different banking experience from what we see today. (I would love to see the Royal Bank of Canada provide a similar experience as this.)

You can read more about this application at the following URL:

Great stuff!

So, what can you do as a developer to learn more about Silverlight? Go check out our homepage at Download the SDK and go through some of the demos. Then, start building your next application on Silverlight!

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  1. The Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint provides a source code jump start for creating Web Parts that

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