MVP Insider – Q & A with Dominic Sévigny

Dominic Sévigny is a senior ASP.NET/AJAX developer based in Montréal. He has been working and developing with Microsoft Web technologies since 1998 with ASP 2.0. Recently, he founded the best ASP.NET consulting company in Montréal called RunAtServer Consulting. Dominic is also recognized as a very dynamic speaker. Indeed, from time to time he is offering conferences on Web technologies such as ASP.NET and AJAX. He attended many conferences at Groupe d'Usagers Visual Studio Montréal (GUVSM), Montréal Code Camp and DevTeach, where he was nominated « Best Speaker » in 2007. He is the exclusive teacher for all ASP.NET and AJAX training in the biggest training center in Montréal, Technologia. Dominic also has the following Microsoft certifications: Microsoft Solution Developer and Microsoft Application Developer.

1. What does being an MVP mean to you?

Becoming a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for me is the best recognition that I have received for the effort I gave to the Microsoft community in Montréal for the past 10 years. It will give me the desire to continue to get involved and to share my knowledge with the Montréal developers in the coming years.

2. If you could ask Steve Ballmer one question about Microsoft, what would it be?

Hi Mr. Ballmer, can you tell me what is the vision of Microsoft about the idea that all software could be developed only for the Web platform? In the same idea, is it possible that the future of Windows operating system will be based on Internet Explorer.

3. What do you think the best software ever written was?

It’s a component: XMLHTTPRequest. Yes, this component has changed dramatically the way to develop the Web.

4. If you were the manager of Visual Studio, what would you change?

The way to create setup project for any kind of .NET project. Visual Studio must include the open project Windows Installer XML (WiX) Toolset for building a good Windows Installer.

5. What are the best features/improvements of Visual Studio?

The WebSite project with Visual Studio 2005. With this one, I can download code on the Web, copy the files in a temp folder, open the folder with Visual Studio and click Start button!!! No project file and no virtual directory in IIS.

6. What was the last book you read?

It's a long time! The book that I read when I gradually give training in ASP.NET is this one:

7. What music CD do you recommend?

The latest CD of Tiesto.

8. What makes you a great MVP?

I love Web technologies, mainly ASP.NET. I like to share my knowledge with the people and make sure that people realize that all the features of ASP.NET are incredible!

9. What is in your computer bag?

My laptop, my Bluetooth mouse, my Bluetooth headset, my USB key and nothing else.

10. What is the best thing that has happened since you have become an MVP?

Nothing for the moment because I have just been Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), but I think the MVP Summit in April will be the best thing!

11. What is your motto?

Learn! Learn! Learn!

12. Who is your hero?

Scott Guthrie. A guy who writes that much in his blog deserves to be a hero!

13. What does success mean to you?

Be happy at work and even happier with the family.

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