MIX08 – March 5 Summary

The first day of MIX08 has come and gone with a lot of interesting news.  The keynote was this morning and then a series of breakout sessions, followed by the Attendee Party at TAO.

For information on the keynote this morning, please refer to the detailed report provided by Qixing.  If you wish to view the keynote, you can find it here at http://sessions.visitmix.com/ (as of the publishing of this blog post, it is not yet available but it should be found here in the morning at some point).


Above:  Ray Ozzie speaking about Software + Services in the keynote.

There were some great sessions I saw as well:

Above:  Lou Carbone on Getting Clued In To Experience Management

Above:  Bill Vlandis (left) and Hakan Soderbom (right) on Understanding Microsoft Partner Programs for Designers, Developers and Agencies

Above:  Mike Harsh on  Building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight 2, Part 2

Yesterday, I promised you a picture of the Rock Band setup at MIX08 as well, so here it is:

Finally, here are some pictures from the Attendee Party at TAO (which was a fantastic networking event):

Above:  Ben (left) from Habaneros and Rini (right) from Microsoft Canada

Above (Left to right):  Morten from Pink & Yellow Media, Paul from Microsoft Canada, Bryce from Navantis and Mark from Habaneros

 My "Only in Vegas" Story:  At the end of the TAO party, a number of us decided to head out to the Palazzo to check out the casino there.  On the way in, we saw a man walk past us in only his underwear (no pictures of that, thankfully).  He was followed by some security guards who were after him; when he saw them, he started running and nearly got run over by a taxi cab!

 Look for further updates tomorrow.  Also, I will give a summary of the Understanding Microsoft Partner Programs for Designers, Developers and Agencies session because if you are a small business looking to grow your competencies as a web solutions specialist, there is a lot of valuable information from this session that may be worth your while to listen to.


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