Windows Live SkyDrive in Canada!

Windows Live SkyDrive is now available in Canada and will provide you up to 5 GB of free storage space! Do you have problems carrying large files around or maybe source code (or other assets)? Then I'd recommend that you look at this solution. It's a great alternative to a USB key - no matter where you are, you can connect to your storage space and access your files. It's also a great way of sending email without having to attach enormous attachments - just send a link to the file online!

As a Web developer, you have the cool feature of being able to embed your SkyDrive files on your webpage using an iframe - a cool way to share applications or utilities you've built (like maybe XNA games) on your blog or homepage. For community user groups, it can be used as a repository for decks and presentations.

To access your SkyDrive, simply go to the SkyDrive website and login using your Hotmail or Windows Live ID.  

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