Inside the war room for HHH

5 days and counting until the Heroes Happen {Here} tour kicks off in Toronto before heading out with a number events across Canada.  Both the IT Pro and Dev teams are working away to get the hardware all set up so we can load up our virtual machines and get the show on the road.  And when I say setting up hardware, I mean setting up hardware!!!


So what are we setting up?  Well Dell and HP stepped up big time to help us out with some real hardware to run these demos.

3 - Dell Poweredge 2900 - Quad-Quad Core 2.66GHZ CPUs, 16GB RAM, 1.2TB of 15.5K SAS drives

3 - HP Proliant ML370GS - Quad-Quad Core 2.66GHZ CPUs, 32GB RAM, 1.2 TB of 10K SAS drives

Some serious horsepower that will allow us to run our VMs with ease in both Virtual Server 2005 (running on Server 2008) and on Server 2008 with Hyper-V!

Virtual Loads

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