New! Power Tools for VSTS 2008 Database Edition


Got VSTS 2008 Database Edition? Then, you'll love this:

Earlier today, a colleague of mine notified me of a set of power tools that has just been released by the folks who own the features found in VSTS 2008 Database Edition. The Power Tools for VSTS 2008 Database Edition are a set of new features based on the feedback we received by DBAs and developers in the community. In fact, if you read the documentation found on the download page, there are a lot of new things to check out!

You can read the official announcement from the following URL:

The set of tools and new features look very impressive. In fact, Gert Drapers posted an entry on his blog (AKA, Data Dude) explaining some of the new features of the Data Generation Wizard earlier today. Great stuff!

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