The Small Business Developer Center – Resources to Help You Grow on the Microsoft Platform

If you work for or own a small business and you're involved in software development, there is a new Microsoft portal that may be of real use to you.  This is especially true if you are new the Microsoft platform or you're thinking of using the Microsoft application platform to develop new software.  This new resource is called the Small Business Developer Center and it's a portal to all things small business from the perspective of developers on the Microsoft platform.

In this portal, you'll find resources on our development tools and application platform, training materials such as Hands-On Labs, whitepapers and other downloads geared towards small businesses.

If any of the following bullet points describe your point-of-view and your small business, you'll definitely wan to check out the Small Business Developer Center:

  • Drowning in complexity – our professional and enterprise focus is too high a barrier-to-entry for very small projects
  • Have no time to learn – learning is done through on-the-job research, online materials, self paced study and examples
  • Good enough, really is good enough – well-architected systems are nice but not necessary

Check it out - I'm sure it will be worth your time!


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