Imagine Cup 2007 Korea – Day 3

There wasn't much happening in terms of competition today, however we all had to get up quite early to spend the "Day in Seoul" - a sightseeing tour sponsored by the city, of different Korean cultural landmarks . Here are a handful of photo highlights of our visit to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Seoul Museum of History and a tour along the Han river. I caught up with Etienne Tremblay (second row, first photo, right), Team Omni (second row, second photo), and the Canadian Photography Challenge competitors (third row, first photo) : 


Later in the evening, the Mayor of Seoul sponsored a dinner and the Embedded Challenge finalists were announced. Unfortunately, Team iDoll (shown below) was not selected as one of the finalists. However, they were quite upbeat - the judges provided really positive feedback. Congratulations on the team for reaching the finals and coming up with a really amazing, innovative solution (coming soon - a video showing their demo end to end)! 


On Day 4, the Embedded and Software Design finalists will be competing. In the evening, the Dinner and Digital Theatre will showcase the work of our Canadian Photography competitors Team Awesome and Team Robot Hospital (both came up with amazing world class photo essays). I'll take photos of the Digital Theatre showcase and provide an update on Friday to let you know how Canada placed in the photography competition (here is a paraphrased quote from Ryan Marr: "To be a good photographer, you need to be a hardware geek, a software geek, an artist and a music lover".)

Korean culture has a deep traditional history - from my standpoint, the city of Seoul is in a very interesting position of having to adapt and change to the ever increasing pace of technology and modern life. Microsoft's presence in the city was quite welcome and it is obvious that we shook things up in a positive way. If you want to see photos of the sightseeing tour, be sure to check out my photo gallery.

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