Microsoft Canada Development Center (MCDC)

If you have been reading blogs by David Crow and Qixing (or been looking at the news), you would have heard that we are opening a software development center in Vancouver. In my opinion, this is really great news - there has been a lot of positive traction happening for Canadian developers on the west coast. For example, the DevTeach conference is going to run for the first time in Vancouver on November 26-30. On an unrelated note, Vancouver has also been getting a lot of buzz because of the Winter olympics in 2010.

The center will be opening up in the Fall (I am planning to visit it sometime next year - I'll provide you all with photos and a full report). It's no coincidence that the center is just north of Redmond - it will host talented developers from all around the World.

The one question I've been asked over and over again - "What software will be developed at this center?" The answer is I honestly don't know. The center hasn't completely been built yet! The moment we have something to share, you'll see it first on this blog.  

You can read the full press release here:

I just got word that the center will be built in Richmond, BC. We have reached an agreement to lease two buildings totalling 80,000 square feet for hundreds
of highly-skilled workers from around the world. Read the press release here:

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