My Chat with Justice Gray – Be a Better Developer in Six Months

My Chat with Justice Gray (MP3)

Earlier today, I called Justice Gray to chat about some of the things developers can do to advance their learning and skills. This conversation was fostered around the Internet meme that has caught fire of late. The meme started with Justice's blog post (here) and subsequent blog postings from members of the developer community at-large (you can find a few examples here, here, here, here, and here). Then came coverage from (fellow Microsoft employee) Scott Hanselman, who chatted with Carl Franklin about some of the things they do to be better developers. The podcast recording is here. You can check out Scott's podcast at (Highly recommended.)

Justice and I chatted about a number of things including things developers can do to improve their technical skills and career prospects. From the point of view of an independent consultant, Justice had a ton of great advice for developers.

About Justice Gray

As an independent consultant and cutting-edge software architect, Justice Gray has been developing web-based and Windows-based applications as well as leading and mentoring development teams for the past 7 years. His diverse experiences in the software industry have ranged from innovative start-up companies to government and large private-sector corporations. He has overseen and been actively involved in applications from inception and research stages to final deployment, teaching and demonstrating Agile best practices for his clients and teammates along the way.

Justice's passion for efficient, elegant user interfaces and function and usability in application design and architecture are evident in his development processes and products. His enthusiasm has led him to serve as Vice President of the Edmonton .NET Users Group and as one of the coordinators of the first Edmonton Code Camp. He is actively involved in the open-source community, having implemented AJAX-driven auto-save functionality - a la Google's Gmail - for the blogging engine Dasblog (, as well as a custom RSS feed generator for Facebook. His credentials include a Bachelor's Degree in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and a Microsoft Certified Professional designation. In his off-time, Justice shares his thoughts and opinions about the industry on his technical blog (

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