Energize IT on Saturday!

Earlier this week, I arrived in Toronto in preparation for Energize IT this Saturday. It's going to be an awesome event.

This year, I'll be running the Developer Track, which will feature a ton of content on Web development using AJAX and Silverlight. For your entertainment, I've lined up some rock-star speakers like Kate Gregory, Scott Howlett, Donald Ho, and Barry Gervin.

In addition, we have set up a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/EnergizeIT2007) and groups on Flickr and Facebook to keep everyone connected.

If you're in the Toronto area and are looking for something to do this Saturday, may I suggest registering and attending Energize IT? It's a free event.

Seeing how Saturday can be busy, I realize that some of you might already have plans. That's fine. However, may I suggest alternatives:

  • On a first date? Need to make a first impression? Skip the movies. Show off your geeky abilities at this event.
  • Shopping for Dad? There will be a ton of gadgets on display at this event. Who knows? You might get a gift idea or two.
  • Taking the kids to the park? (Again?) Skip that. Energize IT will have an awesome display of gadgets and games that will even amaze 4-year old Timmy!

Bring your friends! See you there!

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