Countdown to Energize IT!

3 days and counting... 

This coming Saturday, the Metro Toronto Convention Center will host Energize IT, a cool community event I blogged about which provides you with an opportunity to connect with the community and "get your geek on"! The onus here is primarily on having fun, learning and connecting. The opportunity of getting a "geek" shirt doesn't hurt either!

John Bristowe (my esteemed colleague) willl be leading off the Developer Track (with cool content related to ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight). Christian and I will be leading off the Vista Gadget track - you'll get an opportunity to learn about and build gadgets. The central part of the track is a friendly competition with prizes - so if you get an opportunity, drop in and say hi!

Our entire team is a-buzzing with activity. Some friends, colleagues and acquaintances are coming in from out of town - Dan Nerenberg, Betsy Weber to name a few. David Crow, the newest member of our team, will also be there. If you haven't done it already, head on out to the Energize IT website and sign up for the event. It's free and a great way to spend your Saturday! 

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