[Office 2007 Webcast Series] Session #3: Bringing your legacy application to the portal

Thanks to everyone who attended my webcast on the Business Data Connector in SharePoint. If you didn’t get a chance to attend it live, the recorded session should be available soon.

If you are interested in how you can leverage the Business Data Connector, here’s a plan to get you started:

  • Install Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • Determine the the databases that expose the data you wish to surface in SharePoint
  • Download BDCMan to create your Application Definition File and upload it to SharePoint using the SharePoint Central Admin web site
  • Start using the surfaced data in lists and with Business Data Web Parts
  • You can also explore the Application Definition File schema as well as Business Data Connector API’s

In addition, here are a few links you can use to get you going:

· BDC Metaman

· MOSS SDK Documentation

Stay tuned! Next Tuesday will feature Jean-Luc David who will deliver a session entitled, "Sharepoint 2007 for ASP.NET developers". Register today!

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