The Gadget VS Gadget Competition Is Now On!

On April 18th, I hinted about a "special offer". On May 1st, John Bristowe posted resources and guidance on how to build a gadget. Now the cat's out of the bag - the Gadget VS Gadget competition has now launched and gives you both the opportunity to build Windows Vista gadgets and win great prizes such as a Samsung 40” WideScreen LCD HD TV, Xbox 360 Pro, and a Dell UltraSharp 24-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor.

Beyond all that, gadgets are really useful on a business and reach level that it can be used as a platform for sharing your content in a brand new way to a large audience. They sit on top of the users desktops, so in some ways I believe they are "stickier" than pure Web based applications.

One of the elements I find exciting is that there is no bounds to your creativity in creating a gadget. For example if you are passionate about your favorite Canadian hockey team, you can create a gadget that shows the latest scores. Or you can create a gadget that helps you locate and map your nearest local Timmies using Virtual Earth. Or build gadgets to help you collect funds for your favorite charity.

If you are signing up and will attend Energize IT on June 16, we will be holding a gadget track with some great info (we will also be posting it online for non-attendees). Start thinking about the gadget you want to build and visit the Gadget VS Gadget competition website to find out the details and sign up:

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  1. Are you Canadian? Do you have a cool idea for a gadget, whether it be a sidebar gadget or web (

  2. Head on over to the Canadian Developer Connection blog and read all about our new Gadget Contest called

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