EnergizeIT 2007 – Pre-register Now!

EnergizeIT 2007 is coming on June 16th and it's shaping up to be a very exciting free Summer event! It's going to happen on a Saturday in downtown Toronto and it's a perfect opportunity for Developers and IT Pros to let loose and "Get Your Geek On!". If you are interested in Microsoft Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, XNA, Gadgets - we have a lot of great developer content lined up for you. We are expecting thousands of people to show up, it's going to be a good chance for you to connect directly with the Microsoft team and the community. If you are planning to attend the Gadget track - bring your laptop!

About a year ago, Rodney Buike and I came out to EnergizeIT to present (we were both Microsoft MVPs). I did a presentation on the .NET Framework 3.0 alongside Christian Beauclair who did a presentation on Gadgets. Little did we know that both Rod and I would end up working for Microsoft on the same team a couple of months later!

Here is a link to the pre-registration page - hurry up as I predict it will fill up really quickly: http://msdn.microsoft.com/canada/energizeit/

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  1. Jean-Luc has all the news on the Canadian Developer Blog . EnergizeIT 2007 is coming on June 16th and

  2. Bob Ancle says:

    You know I am really sick and tired of Microsoft holding these events in Toronto. Toronto is not Canada, most of the great work and the developers live somewhere else, mostly in the West. Toronto is a old run down dying place that no one in the right mind would want to live in. It’s far and away time for MS to move it’s operations where the developers are, where the action is, and most importantly where the money is. Microsoft would do to itself proud to relocate all it’s Canadian operations to the West. Move to Canada’s most Dynamic, Aggressive, Fastest Growing, Hardest Working, Best Producing, and just plain Swell place to be. Yes I’m talking about Calgary, the best place for Microsoft to headquarter in Canada and the best place to hold EnergizeIT from now on.

  3. On April 18th, I hinted about a "special offer". On May 1st, John Bristowe posted resources and guidance

  4. 3 days and counting… This coming Saturday, the Metro Toronto Convention Center will host Energize IT

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