Office Webcast Series – Introduction & Resources

Tonight, we will be presenting the introduction to our Office 2007 Webcast Series. If you haven't signed up for it already, here is the link to the main event page. At many webcasts and live events, you usually get a slide at the end with a link dump of a million resources. Rather than provide a slide like that and have you furiously scribble down all the resources, we will be posting the resources for our entire series on this blog. Here are the links relevant to today's live presentation:

Ignite Your Coding Office 2007 Start Page: Where you can sign up for all the upcoming webcasts.

MSDN Evaluation Center: Where developers can download product trials and beta evaluations.

Understanding Office Development on MSDN: Videos, roadmaps and lots of resources to help you understand how Office 2007 can fit within your development process. The Open XML Developer Group was formed to help developers build solutions that work with the Office Open XML Formats.

ECMA Office Office Open XML File Formats Specification (ECMA-376): Go deep into the specifications.

OpenXML Custom UI Editor: Here is a link to download the free tool in the second demo.

ASP.NET 2.0 Commerce Starter Kit: Download the starter kit featured extensively in this live presentation.

Business Data Catalog on MSDN: Learn all the features found in the BDC within SharePoint 2007.

ScottGu on ASP.NET 2.0 Sharepoint Web Parts: Scott blogs about the ASP.NET functionality found within SharePoint.

Would you like to see other resources here? If so, please contact us or add a comment to this page. Enjoy the series!

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