Windows Live and Vista Gadgets

Are you interested in developing gadgets for Windows Live and Windows Vista? If so - we have an offer coming up that will definitely interest you in a big way! Gadgets are mini-applications which allow users quick access to information from applications, the Internet, and utilities. Windows Vista gadgets are hosted on the Sidebar, which allows users to configure these gadgets on their desktop according to any user's personalized preferences, and also allows users to acquire more gadgets from you (the developer). Windows Live gadgets are hosted online, and can be added by users on their personalized Live pages.

Developing Gadgets requires writing code. If you are familiar with Web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, you can easily create gadgets for both Windows Vista and Windows Live. An example I like to use is a gadget that pulls in pushpins and maps from Virtual Earth to find the nearest Tim Horton's location (a useful utility any Canadian can appreciate).   

Stay tuned for more information about the offer. In the meantime, check out these two link to get familiarized with gadget building:

If you want to further develop applications on top of the Windows Live platform, be sure to visit and check out the Live "in a Box" Labs from CodePlex

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  1. Last week, Jean-Luc hinted at an "offer" in his blog post on Windows Live and Vista gadgets . A deeper

  2. On April 18th, I hinted about a "special offer". On May 1st, John Bristowe posted resources and guidance

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