Happy Birthday Visual Studio!

Believe it or not, March 19th marks the 10th anniversary "decennial" of Visual Studio 97, the first release of the product. The news was announced onstage at VSLive! in San Francisco on March 26th. Rob Caron has posted additional details on his blog.

I remember buying a copy of VS 97 and being really impressed with it's features. Using VB 5.0 and C++ 5.0 - seems like a century ago, doesn't it? It's funny how quickly our industry is moving. The main tool I used was Visual InterDev to develop classic ASP websites - I still have a stack of dusty old InterDev books in my basement...

Happy birthday Visual Studio - here's to another 10 successful years!

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  1. adityapurwa says:

    Visual Studio .Net 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 is very easy to use, and of course, enhance developer productivity, I think this is one of the many reason why .Net could emerge like today.

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