Microsoft Dynamics Screencasts

A little while back, I blogged about composite applications (aka application "mashups") - how important it is to think about the components of your applications, and how to use existing frameworks as a shortcut to reach business goals. For example, does it make sense to build ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or CRM (Customer Relations Management) software from scratch? It can be a slippery slope as you build a custom application that has a customer table in a database. The requirements pile up, it becomes more and more complex, must integrate with a number of other systems and you have to maintain it! On one side, writing thousands of hours of code. On the other, using something that works and building on top of it in a fraction of the time. At the end of the day, your boss or client worries about the end result - not the amount of coding was required to get you there!

We have a terrific product called Microsoft Dynamics which will help you develop software that deals with Financials, Accounts Receivable + Accounts Payable, and Inventory Management. If you would like to learn more, we have a screencast series on Channel 9 which deals specifically with AX development. It's pretty popular with over 10,000+ views so far. Here is the link:

The screencasts cover a range of topics including our current roadmap, to .NET backwards compatibility and Common Language Runtime (CLR) Interop. Are you currently developing with Microsoft Dynamics? Then send us your feedback! We would love to hear about the projects you are working on.

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