Developers Night in Canada (DNIC) User Group Tour

In the next couple of weeks, John Bristowe, Christian Beauclair, and I will start travelling to a city near you for the Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) User Group Tour: The Exciting Adventures of the Microsoft Application Platform Developer. We will be visiting over twenty (20) user groups across Canada. I'm personally looking forward to meeting you all on the road!

The theme of the tour is "building a strong data foundation in your applications". One of the topics I'm really excited about is the Team Edition for Database Professionals - having written two books on Team System, it's fun to go around and show you some of the tips and tricks I've learned. We'll also be covering LINQ (or Language INtegrated Query) and ADO.NET vNext - if you ever had to work with XML or manage really complicated queries and stored procedures, you'll love the content we have in store for you. Here are the tour dates - be sure to sign up as the registrations will fill up really fast:

Edmonton - Monday March 12, 2007
Calgary - Wednesday March 14, 2007
Metro Toronto - Monday March 19, 2007
Thompson Okanagan - Monday March 19, 2007
St. John's - Tuesday March 20, 2007
Nova Scotia - Wednesday March 21, 2007
Saskatoon - Tuesday March 27, 2007
Regina - Wednesday March 28, 2007
Quebec - Wednesday March 28, 2007
Kitchener - Monday April 2, 2007
Lethbridge - Wednesday April 4, 2007
New Brunswick - Tuesday April 10, 2007
East of Toronto - Wednesday April 11, 2007
Fredericton - Wednesday April 11, 2007
Winnipeg - Wednesday April 11, 2007
Ottawa - Monday April 16, 2007
Vancouver - Wednesday April 18. 2007
Montreal - Thursday April 19, 2007
Mississauga - Monday April 23, 2007
Victoria - Tuesday May 1, 2007

We'll also be going out across Canada on the 2007 Unify Tour. It ties into the DNIC tour in respect that we will cover how an application gets architected, built and deployed and collaboration required between operations (IT pros) and developers to make it happen. The DNIC tour will provide a really deep overview of the data component, whereas the Unify Tour will provide a more holistic view of the process (therefore I would encourage you to sign up for both!). Stay tuned for a post with details about the Unify Tour.

See you on the road!

Comments (7)

  1. Mario Jauvin says:

    a few hours after receiving the invitation registration was full for the event in Ottawa.  Any plans to expand it?

  2. jldavid says:

    I would suggest you contact Orest Hirniak at the Ottawa .NET Community website ( to find out if you can attend. Even though the event registration is handled through the Microsoft website, he is primarily responsible for the user group events. If there is a overwhelming demand for this event and it need to be expanded, we’ll deal with it at that point.


    Jean-Luc David

    Developer Advisor

    Microsoft Canada

  3. To follow-up on Jean-Luc’s comment: If your local user group has already reached capacity for registration, please let your user group leader know.

  4. jldavid says:

    What John said… 🙂

  5. I will try being there at April 16th 🙂 Ottawa that is

  6. Registration Options

    Event ID:


    We are sorry, due to the popularity of this event, registration is now full. Please search for another event.

    🙁 Oh well, better luck next year

  7. During the Unify and DNIC tours, we’ve been telling you about our certification offer. We would like

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