Game Camp Ottawa 2007 – Daniel Deschamps

Last Saturday, Carleton University hosted a Game Camp for students and faculty. The theme of the Game Camp was XNA and Game Studio Express. Christian Beauclair gave an in-depth presentation on how to create a pong game from scratch. We also took a look at the Creator's Club, games being developed by the community and Torque X.

During the event, I got the opportunity to chat with Daniel Deschamps. He is a bright CS student who has developed a game of Asteroids in C++ which works on multiple platform (which is quite an acheivement). During the interview, Daniel explains that he likes exploring technologies in depth, "breaking" or testing the limits of what it can do. This makes him an ideal candidate for the position of a software tester. Listen to Daniel's opinions on Game Camps, XNA and what skills are required to create an effective game.

Video: Game Camp Ottawa 2007 - Daniel Deschamps

If you would like to appear in a video like this one or host a Game Camp, don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to hear your experiences with our technologies. Our team is preparing a whole bunch of resources to help out people interested in learning about and designing XNA games - slides, code and so forth.

Stay tuned for more Game Camp videos!

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  1. Daniel Deschamps says:

    My name is also Daniel Deschamps. I just googled myself, and the first 2 hits I got are a movie production manager and a game developer.That's funny, I've been fighting myself for the last few years on witch of these two mediums I would like to immerse myself into. The result: both. I got a few ideas I would like to share with anyone looking for a boost of imagination.

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