[Podcast] Show #001 – X06 Toronto (Part 1) – Interview with Major Nelson

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Canadian Developers Podcast. In this series, we'll be chatting with members of the Canadian developer community, finding what exciting stuff you are doing with XNA, ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Live and other technologies, and giving you an interesting new way to connect with Microsoft Canada.

In our first show, we are interviewing Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) on XBOX.com and MajorNelson.com. He is a great guy and we had a nice chat on a variety of topic such as creating podcasts, getting started with XNA Studio Express and much more.

Here are to Toronto X06 related posts from his blog (including photos and info from the event):

Stay tuned for part 2 of this podcast with my interviews with one of the creators of Gears of War, XBox and Media Center MVPs and you, the community.

Here are direct links to the MP3 and WMA files. We'll be setting up an RSS feed and other resources very shortly. Send us your feedback!

MP3: http://media.cdndevs.ca/cdndevs/audio/001-101806-MajorNelson.mp3
WMA: http://media.cdndevs.ca/cdndevs/audio/001-101806-MajorNelson.wma

And as promised, here is the link to the Game Camp registration page:



Comments (2)

  1. Wickedneoq says:

    Alas, there’s a podcast that fulfills both sides of me… one side is a casual, yet spry Xbox 360 gamer, and the other side of me is your boring-sounding home programmer, that thinks Windows Live is becoming an incredible resource of applications and devices.  Although I haven’t yet cracked into XNA Game Studio, I am seeing that independent game development is becoming a high demand of North American gamers.  They want new talent to succeed, if the indie developer make a great game.  As an excellent example of such is The Behemoth, makers of the game "Alien Hominid".  Their game sells wonderfully on the Playstation 2 and Gamecube, so The Behemoth are bringing AH to Xbox Live Arcade, along with their new title, "Castle Crashers".  Both games bring back old-school gaming styles that are simple, and gamers now just want great gameplay on a budget.

    I’m also excited about Windows Live Messenger, and it’s something I’m quickly coming to terms with.  In particular, the Add-in feature has a lot of promise for homebrewed "ideas".  In particular, Microsoft has the XCDP, Xbox Community Development Program (that hopefully I’ll get into some day), that really hasn’t  had enough exposure to the WLM Add-ins.  If Xbox users can see their friends on Xbox.com, what about non-Xbox users?  They don’t know I’m playing Pac-Man and that I can’t get to the conversation window.  Easily, an Add-in could be made to tell the Live Messenger user on the other end that I’m busy on my 360, what I’m doing on it, and that I can get back to them when I could.  

    Such would be the power of all of Live: between XNA for games, and Windows Live and the XCDP for communications.

    Great podcast, Jean-Luc, I look forward to more of the X06 Toronto shows, and I’ve signed up for that exciting November 28th Webcast.  It should be a terrific excuse to call in sick from work!

    – Gordon Allen (Xbox Live Gamertag: Wickedneoq)

  2. jldavid says:

    Hi Gordon,

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I’m a gamer and developer, and I wanted to make sure I got all the bases covered in my interview with Major Nelson. I think there are a lot of us out there. 🙂

    I am also excited about the Live services. I have a colleague who has joined a company that specializes in bots – there is a lot of really exciting stuff that is coming up in that space and I’m hoping to impart as much info as I can in the webcast and the live event.

    See you there!

    Developer Advisor – Microsoft Canada
    (Gamertag: stormpixel)

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