Montreal Code Camp – Introducing Windows Communication Foundation

Thanks to everyone who participated at the Code Camp Montréal! The event was a big success, in part due to the hard work of Guy Barrette, Jean-René Roy, Mario Cardinal, the speakers and the volunteers. I took a photo of some of the speakers at the event. You can check them out here:

At the event, I did a podcast with the speakers at the 3 Brasseurs pub near the code camp venue. I'll be posting out those interviews shortly - I have about 5 podcasts in the pipeline to be placed online. The interesting thing about this podcast is that most of the interviews are in French. In fact, we'll try to post both francophone and anglophone content for everyone.

Another thanks for everyone who attended my session on Windows Communication Foundation. The slides are located here ( and you can download the code I used in my demos here ( (part of the samples available with the Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit (Web) for RC 1 of Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime Components).

If you are interested in Windows Communication Foundation, I would highly recommend you check out the resources on the official website ( Most of the questions I got during the session related mostly to compatibility and performance. Remember that the base foundation of the .NET Framework 3.0 is the .NET Framework 2.0, therefore any .NET Remoting code (or any code that you have created using the .NET Framework 2.0) will continue to work perfectly.

If you are interested in performance, check out these guidelines and best practices ( and take a look at this chat where the product team answers a lot of performance related questions (

Are you using Windows Communication Foundation? Is this a technology that interests you? Feel free to chime in and send your comments.



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