Microsoft .NET Micro Framework

We've recently announced the availability of the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. The .NET Micro Framework is the core framework for SPOT (Smart Personal ObjecTs) watches and devices. I've owned several different SPOT watches for many years now and I've got to tell you, they are quite cool. My collection consists of an Abacus Wrist .NET and an Abacus Smart Watch 2006 (Silver Modern Classic). My friend Nick Landry has referred to the watch as a "woman repellent" - the watch has personally affected his own love life. My dad thinks it's a "Dick Tracy" watch (ironically, a Dick Tracy branded model was released a little while ago).

Using FM transmissions, my watch can receive a wide variety of MSN Direct content including watch faces, weather, news, stocks, movies, diversions, horoscopes, traffic and sports information. On top of that, you can synchronize Outlook to send your upcoming appointments to your watch (I tried it using Outlook 2007 and it works perfectly). Another great feature is the ability to receive MSN messenger messages to your watch (however, you can't send messages back using your watch - it has no transmitter). You can learn more about the features of MSN Direct at:  

If you are a developer, you should check out the SpotStop Developer Forums ( and SpotDev ( Channel 9 has a cool video of the .NET Micro Framework controlling a sumo robot. For the whole scoop, check out the official website:

Here is an excerpt from the recent press release:

"Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is a new platform that allows developers to build applications for the smallest of devices. These devices are typically constrained by cost, memory, processor, and/or power consumption. Along with Microsoft projects Sideshow, MSTV and MSN Direct, select partners have utilized this new offering from Microsoft for their own devices, and will highlight the potential applications for .NET Micro Framework at ESC Boston."

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