Half Day Virtual Security Conference–September 27th, 2006

To continue upon the success of last year MSDN Canada Security Webcasts we have raised the level up a notch or two this year.  This year will consist of two Virtual Conferences and eight Security Webcasts titled "Security Chalk Talk" occurring monthly from October 2006 to June 2007.  Furthermore, I will be producing six podcasts titled "Talkin' Security" in which we will be hearing from Security experts in Canada on a multitude of topics. 

http://msdn.Microsoft.com/Canada/securitylockdown/ and for the French version: http://msdn.microsoft.com/canada/fr/securitylockdown/

The first half day Virtual Security Conference on "Writing Secure Code Fundamentals" is already upon us.  The registration just went live today.  For this Virtual conference I will be joined by two members of Microsoft ACE (Security) team from Redmond.  Both the speakers bios and sessions can be viewed.

This half-day virtual conference will focus on the well-known Application hacking exploits and some of the newer ones with technologies such as AJAX becoming more popular.  And of course a detailed look at the necessary countermeasures will be explored.  Finally, we will wrap up the conference by talking about threat modeling and the new threat modeling tool Microsoft has released. 

Hope to see you out at this first ever MSDN Canada Virtual Security Conference and don't forget to subscribe to the Security for Canadian Developer blog for other security information:  http://blogs.msdn.com/S4CD


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