New addition to the Canadian Developer team

Hello everyone.

My name is Christian Beauclair and I’m the newest addition to the Developer Evangelist team. I have been with Microsoft for the last 12 years in both consulting and sales and I’ll be looking after the developer communities  of eastern Canada.

This role is not new to me. Before the existence of the DPE team, I helped launched the Ottawa .NET community and participated in the launch tour of Visual Studio .NET 2002.

I’m very passionate when it comes to development. I’ve started when I was 15 with BASIC on a Radio Shack TRS-80 and moved to Applesoft BASIC on the IIe. I then worked my way to database application with Dbase II and Clipper and even Paradox.  I than dabble with Turbo Pascal but ended up on Topspeed Modula 2 (some of you might not know it but it was the successor language to Pascal created by Niklaus Wirth). I made a short jump to C++ during the big hype but we decided to move to Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0 (yes, there was such a thing as 2.0 for 6 months) when we switch platform at my old company. I moved with VB all the way to 6.0 and fell in love with C# when Microsoft created .NET.

To me, software developer is one of the coolest job because you get to create something out of your brain and the reward is fantastic when users embrace your application.

This is my very first BLOG entry so please bear with me. If you have feedback for me I’d love to hear about it.

Pour tous mes collègue francophone, bonjour. Juste par mon nom vous pouvez voir que je suis natif de langue française. Je suis né à Montréal et je suis de pure souche directement de la Bretagne en France. N’hésiter jamais à m’écrire en français pour quelque questions que ce soit.

My new role takes effect on August 1st but I plan to post some BLOG entries between now and then.

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  1. Cox, Ken says:

    Hey/Salut Christian!

    Good to see you here!  I’ve always felt that writing software beats working for a living.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Canadian developer events. Any plans to visit North Bay? It would be fun to see how many .NET developers there are in the Blue Sky region.


    (anglophone de souche mais parlant les deux langues officielles du Canada)


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