Starting with Building Blocks to Save on Duct Tape

It would be easy to follow my urge to jump right in and begin coding the fun and interesting pieces of the solution but that will just lead to a bailing wire and duct tape type solution. To avoid the support and security issues that typically plague that approach over time we will build out the core building blocks as reusable pieces.

Moving through this journey I will provide snippets of sample code in the article written when possible as .NET Core solutions so they can be used across as many platform and host boundaries as possible. When building your own I would strongly suggest considering the use of NUGET packages when possible for easy reuse.

The sample building blocks will each have a blog posting outlining what went into the decisions and process for building them.

Every important project is only as impressive as their great code name. For this reason I have decided to refer to this project as 'Ronin'.

I am sure that there will be a lot of great decisions on the journey!

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