Ramping on the Windows Azure Platform

It has been several months since I started my ramp on the Windows Azure Platform and am now ready to write about it.  While I worked through the material and guidance it was evolving and growing which often changed my mindset on techniques to handle various scenarios.

In an effort to allow others to learn from my ramping experience I have decided to start writing a series of posts that will help novice Azure developers learn the platform.  In this series I will discuss

1)      the various taxonomies of cloud and where Azure plays

2)      common workloads for Azure

3)      key concepts associated with Azure development

4)      roles and instances

5)      Azure storage and it’s various abstractions

6)      SQL Azure

7)      Windows Azure Connect

8)      Windows Azure AppFabric Cache

9)      Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control

10)   Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus

11)   Hybrid solutions 

The points above are listed in the order I plan on approaching them, but each bullet may equate to several posts. 

I am sure that you will find the Windows Azure Platform to be as interesting as I have.


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