Entity Framework Toolkits & Extensions

昨天在Daniel的EntityBag Part V – ContexSnapshot Constructing and Applying文章下面询问一个没有发现的函数-CreateOriginalValuesObjectWithReferences,很快他就给出了回复,并且给了一个源代码的项目地址http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/entitybag,非常感谢:)

http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/adonetefx 下面有三个小的项目。

eSqlBlast (Entity SQL Tools and Samples Page)
eSqlBlast aids authoring, executing, and visualizing ad-hoc Entity SQL queries against arbitrary EDM models. The tools of the eSqlBlast suite may be used interactively, from the command line, or embedded in other programs. The eSqlBlast suite also contains XSL transformation scripts for rendering CSDL and its own raw XML format.

Perseus: Entity Framework EntityBag Perseus is a small project designed to explore ways for exchanging graphs of Entity Framework entities over WCF web services.

Sample EDMX Code Generator
The goal of the Sample EDMX Code Generator is to provide you with enough insight into how the ADO.NET Entity Designer generates code in Visual Studio and hopefully give you a head start with some sample source code.


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