Tour of Southern California, 2010

This week, I'll be in California to speak at a few user groups about C# 4. This was arranged in coordination with the launch of Visual Studio 2010, and is one of several such tours that people on the VS Languages team are taking/have taken. I'll be in San Diego, Orange County, and South Bay. The details are behind the links:

I'm excited to be able to talk about some topics that I find very interesting and work that I'm proud of. I'm excited to meet some California users. I'm eager to get my hands on some good Mexican food. And I'm grateful for the work various organizers have put into getting this together. If you have any interest in C# in general or C# 4 in particular, please come out and say hi!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris, I just wanted to say "Thank you very much" for coming out to SD and giving your presentation on DLR in .NET 4.0, it was a pleasure to listen to both you and Jason. You explained things in a matter that made it interesting for a beginner and a novice alike. And the VS2010 tips were awesome (thank you Jason!) I hope this won't be the last time for you in SD (despite being drilled as if suspects in unverifiable crime against personal taste committed by Microsoft) and I hope Microsoft keeps providing access to such great resources. I only wish I got to see an example of C# utilizing dynamic to interact with objects exposed by some java script.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the excellent presentation, Chris. This was my first encounter with C# 4.0 dynamic enhancements, and your overview was very helpful. It would be nice if you could publish the sample code (SilverLight and Office interop).

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