My prior three blogs were supposed to be on Hosting. Each time I got side tracked, first on Exceptions, then on Application Compatibility and finally on Finalization. I refuse to be side tracked this time… much. Also, I need to explain why it’s taken so long to get this blog out. Part of the reason…



Earlier this week, I wrote an internal email explaining how Finalization works in V1 / V1.1, and how it has been changed for Whidbey. There’s some information here that folks outside of Microsoft might be interested in.   Costs Finalization is expensive. It has the following costs:   Creating a finalizable object is slower, because…


Apartments and Pumping in the CLR

I’ve already written the much-delayed blog on Hosting, but I can’t post it yet because it mentions a couple of new Whidbey features, which weren’t present in the PDC bits. Obviously Microsoft doesn’t want to make product disclosures through my random blog articles. I’m hoping this will be sorted out in another week or two….