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  1. Denis says:

    Where will your blog be moving to?

  2. Andreas Häber says:

    My guess is
    However the site is empty now 🙁

  3. Christian says:

    Is it right that the .NET garbage collector will compact the memory (after it identified which areas are no longer needed) by copying it together?

    Would it be possible to modify the page table so that 4kB blocks can be moved together without copying so much data around?

  4. Eric Newton says:

    Just a question, is there a good place to submit CLR wish list items?

    I would think a Wish List app of some sort would be a nice touch… I’ve written a simple one for my site, but a public one probably needs more features like wish list item approval before display, a voting system, and so forth

  5. Chris Brumme says:

    Denis, the new site is

    Christian, you are correct that the GC sometimes chooses to compact to get better page density. (Not all collections are compacting collections, of course). And your idea of modifying the page table to avoid copying is an interesting one. We’ve discussed it on our team from time to time, going back many years. Perhaps some day.

    Eric, if you have CLR wish list items, feel free to email me with them. I do agree that a voting system would be great, since we desperately lack sufficient data on what our external customers really want. (We have no doubt what our internal customers want!). However, this blog is probably the wrong place for that sort of thing. Other bloggers like brada or scoble are much more outward focused than me. Translation — I would drop the ball here.

  6. SA says:


    When are you going to break your "Blogging Silence".



  7. Chris Brumme says:

    I actually have the article on Hosting finished. But I cannot post it until I resolve some issues with disclosing Whidbey details so early. It’s going to take a few weeks to get those issues sorted out over here.

    I do apologize.


  8. SA says:

    Thanks for your reply. I’m looking forward for your "Hosting" Post. I have One request, Pl. try to blog about atleast topic a month.



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