I’ve been putting off writing this blog, not just because I’m on vacation in Maui and have far more tempting things to do. It’s because one of my blogs has already been used on Slashdot as evidence that Windows cannot scale and won’t support distributed transactions (, despite the fact that Windows scales well and…


Infrequent blogging

Just a quick explanation for why there hasn’t been a new blog lately.  I’m partway through a 3.5 week vacation on Maui.  I have wireless & broadband out by the pool, but I can’t seem to find the time to blog.  Things will return to normal by mid-July.


AppDomains (“application domains”)

An AppDomain is a light-weight process. Well, if you actually measure the costs associated with an AppDomain – especially the first one you create, which has some additional costs that are amortized over all subsequent ones – then “light-weight” deserves some explanation: A Win32 process is heavy-weight compared to a Unix process. A Win32 thread…