Office Hours for Boston Area Windows 8 App Developers

Are you working on a Windows 8 app or game, or want to get started but have some questions? Drop by to chat/code/test with us at our new One Cambridge Center offices where we’ll have open time to answer your questions and discuss your apps. We’ll be there each Wednesday starting tomorrow, 9/26, and for…


Windows 8 MSDN Webcast Series – Building Metro Style Apps

Some colleagues and I have just started a new series of one-hour MSDN webcasts focused on many aspects of developing Metro style apps for Windows 8. The series launched yesterday, but all sessions will be made available as on-demand recordings.  (I’ll update this post as they are.)  Thanks to Jaime Rodriguez for the original post….


List of Game Development Podcasts

As you might know from my list of podcasts for .NET devs, I’m a big fan of podcasts to help make travel time less… [annoying | mind-numbing | wasteful]. As my recent work has focused more on game development, I’ve been keeping an eye out for relevant podcasts.  Here are the ones I know of…


HTML5 Game Camp Series Coming Soon

Update:  Slides and links from the events are now available. Ready to learn HTML5?  Enjoy games, too?  Join in the HTML5 Game Camps, free events offering a chance to learn about the next wave of web standards including HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, SVG, and more.  And while you gain practical knowledge about HTML5 and JavaScript techniques,…


Find Resources with Developer Guidance Maps

Looking for ways to find guidance and learn?  A series of Developer Guidance Maps have been published, covering a wide range of technologies and guidance types. These maps help you find resources (code samples, documentation, “How To”s, videos, training), for learning about each of these areas.  They’re also great to just browse and happen upon…


Directory of Audio Podcasts for .NET Developers

On the Joys of Travel If you’re anything like me, you might enjoy driving (or flying, riding the train, etc.), but hate that it’s generally “lost” time.  For years now, I’ve made a habit of taking whatever MP3 player I’ve had (currently my trusty Zune HD) whenever I hit the highway, listening to podcasts so…


Reminder for Saturday’s New England Data Camp v2.0

With 27 sessions and over 450 people registered (and a bit of room left for more), this Saturday’s free New England Data Camp v2 / SQL Saturday #34 is shaping up to be an event not to be missed.     New England Data Camp v2.0 / SQL Saturday #34        Saturday, January 30, 2010      …


Resources and Screencasts from the Northeast MSDN Roadshow “Don’t Fear the Coder” Tour

As we gear up for the next Northeast Roadshow series (in March), Jim and I have put the wraps on the previous tour by posting the content and recording screencasts based on each session. The “Don’t Fear the Coder” tour was a blast, and Jim and I visited a whopping seven cities across the northeast…


Kodu Game Lab for PC Technical Preview Now Available

Kodu Game Lab is a game development environment designed to make it fun and easy for kids to create games while learning programming concepts (but you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it.) It’s been available on XBox LIVE for some time now (needing only a game controller to use), and now Kodu…


Greater Buffalo IT/Dev Day – July 21

As Northeast Roadshow attendees know, our usual stop in western NY is Rochester (in fact we just returned from a great event there on Friday!)  It’s always good to see the people who make the trip from Buffalo to attend, so I’m glad to say we have an event where Buffalo is the center of…