The Top 10 Windows 8 Secrets of App Success

Making $ on Windows 8: The First Mover Advantage The upcoming release of Windows 8 offers developers a huge opportunity.  How huge?  The Windows Store Blog sums it up well: With more than 630 million licenses sold to date, across 200+ countries and regions around the world, Windows has an unrivaled global reach. Combined with…


New Windows 8 “Camp in a Box” and Virtual Labs

Two new resources have just been published to help you learn about Windows 8. Windows 8 “Camp in a Box”, RTM Edition [Update 10/1/2012 – Camp in a Box RTM version] Recently updated for Windows 8 Release Preview, the Windows 8 “Camp in a Box” includes a variety of content from the Windows 8 Developer…


Windows 8 Developer Camps and Hackathons – July through September

I’m happy to pass along word that a new series of Windows 8 developer events are coming soon!  These are special two-day events, with a DevCamp on day one featuring a full day of sessions plus an InstallFest, followed on day two by a Hackathon with Lightning Talks where you can bring app ideas to…


Windows 8 Release Preview, Visual Studio 2012 RC, and More!

It’s a big day for releases as a number of new Release Previews and Release Candidates have just been made available: [Last updated – 7/13/2012] Windows 8 Release Preview Windows 8 Release Preview Home Windows 8 Release Preview ISO images Windows 8 Release Preview FAQ “Delivering the Windows 8 Release Preview” – Building Windows 8…


Additional Windows 8 Developer Camps!

I previously mentioned the series of Windows Developer Camps – free, full-day events to help you learn about building Metro-style apps for Windows 8. They feature a mix of developer sessions plus a series of hands-on labs to help reinforce what you’ve learned. Well, it turns out they’re popular.  So popular, in fact, that all…


Windows 8 MSDN Webcast Series – Building Metro Style Apps

Some colleagues and I have just started a new series of one-hour MSDN webcasts focused on many aspects of developing Metro style apps for Windows 8. The series launched yesterday, but all sessions will be made available as on-demand recordings.  (I’ll update this post as they are.)  Thanks to Jaime Rodriguez for the original post….


Metro Accelerator Labs – Speeding Your App Development

Do you have a Windows 8 or Windows Phone app idea?  Maybe you’re already working on an app and would like some guidance for getting it across the finish line?  Then come to one of the upcoming Metro Accelerator Labs!  These are three-day opportunities to develop your app with experts on hand to help you…


Windows 8 Developer Events – Updated

There’s certainly a lot of interest in Windows 8 and the developer opportunity around it, so here’s an update and summary of various events that can help you learn more. Windows Developer Camps The series of Windows 8 Developer Camps on the east coast that I mentioned in an earlier post are now underway and…


Windows 8 Developer Camps – Coming Soon!

Ready to dive in and learn more about Windows 8 and the developer opportunity it represents?  Then get ready for the upcoming series of Windows Developer Camps!  These are free, full-day, developer-focused events featuring a combination of sessions and hands-on labs, and we’ll have 10 of them right here in the east: Windows 8 changes…


Virtualization Deep Dive Day – Waltham and Beyond

On February 12th, the Virtualization Group Boston is hosting a community-driven Virtualization Deep Dive Day in Waltham, MA, and the event is being simulcast to satellite events in NY, MO, and Canada. The day is a focus on various approaches to virtualization – desktop, application, server – and related topics like administration, adoption, security, and…