A New Chapter at Microsoft

I have a bit of personal news to share.  I have a new job, which I’ve already begun!

After about 6.5 years as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, starting this month I’ve taken on a new role.  Still at Microsoft, still in the DPE (Developer Platform Evangelism) family, and still in New England, I am now a Technical Specialist for Visual Studio!

There’s a lot that’s new in the role, but the short version is I’ll be working more closely with area companies on development practices, tools, and adoption, focusing on Visual Studio (if you’ve seen me speak, you know how enthusiastic I am about it) and Visual Studio ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), which I co-authored a book on in the first days of what was then called “Visual Studio Team System”, so I’ve been a fan for a long time.

It’s been a great ride as an Evangelist, with huge thanks to my team of Bob Familiar, Jim O’Neil, Edwin Guarin, and Michael Cummings.  Many of you in the tech community have helped make the Evangelist role amazing, so thanks to you, too!

Though I’ll generally be trading public events for more direct customer engagements, I’m still here, in and around the community, and you’ll see me at major events like product launches and Code Camps.  Of course, you can expect much more on Visual Studio and ALM, and given all that’s new, there’s plenty to say.


Comments (2)

  1. Chip Beauvais says:

    Congratulations (: This new role sounds like a good fit for you.

  2. Mark P. Henley says:

    Enjoy the new challenges!

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