Directory of Audio Podcasts for .NET Developers

On the Joys of Travel

At least you can be learning something...If you’re anything like me, you might enjoy driving (or flying, riding the train, etc.), but hate that it’s generally “lost” time. 

For years now, I’ve made a habit of taking whatever MP3 player I’ve had (currently my trusty Zune HD) whenever I hit the highway, listening to podcasts so I feel at least partially productive. 

And so here’s a listing of audio podcasts (I may add a post for video podcasts later) that you may find useful as a .NET developer. I’ve focused on podcasts that have recent activity, but if you have others that should be added to this index, please let me know.

The Audio Podcast List   [Updated 7/13/2012]


.NET Rocks!Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell

Bytes by MSDN (also in video format) – Various Hosts

CodeCast Ken Levy, Markus Egger

Coding QA Podcast – Federico Silva Armas, Matthew Osborn

Community Megaphone Podcast Dane Morgridge, G. Andrew Duthie

The Connected ShowDmitry Lyalin, Peter Laudati

Deep Fried Bytes Keith Elder, Chris Woodruff

Developer Smackdown Clark Sell, Mark Nichols

Hanselminutes Scott Hanselman

Herding CodeK. Scott Allen, Kevin Dente, Scott Koon, Jon Galloway

Microsoft DevRadio Various Hosts

Misfit Geek Podcast Joe Stagner

NextGen User Group Podcast Richard Costall

The Official jQuery Podcast Ralph Whitbeck & Elijah Manor

Pluralcast David Starr

Polymorphic Podcast Craig Shoemaker

Radio TFS – Paul Hacker, Mickey Gousset

Software Engineering RadioBernd Kolb, Martin Lippert, Markus Volter, Michael Kircher, Robert Blumen

Spaghetti Code Podcast Jeff Brand

Sparkling Client Silverlight Podcast Erik Mork, Monica Mork

The Thirsty Developer Dave Bost, Clark Sell

The Web Ahead – Jen Simmons

Windows Phone Radio – Windows Phone Team

Windows Weekly (also in video format) – Paul Thurrott

Yet Another Podcast Jesse Liberty

Any Others?

Again, if you know of other related podcasts out there, contact me or sound off in the comments!


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  1. Clark Sell says:

    Great list.  Thanks for the shout!

  2. Greg Duncan says:

    Here's a couple that are .Net/Visual Studio/etc related

    Radio TFS

    This Week on Channel 9…/This+Week+On+Channel+9

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