Announcing the Architect Factory 2 – Cambridge, January 27

Architect Factory

The first Architect Factory was held in June and was a great success, helping experienced developers learn the skills to transition into a variety of architect roles.

I’m glad to announce that the Architect Factory 2 is coming to Cambridge, MA on January 27th from 1-8PM.

From the event page:

This, the second Architect Factory event, focuses on you, senior technologists interested in becoming software, solutions, enterprise, or design architects. This event helps bridge the knowledge gap between senior technical, design, enterprise, information, and solutions roles and real-world architecture roles, putting you on the path to becoming an architect in your field.

The event is free and features three tracks of content along with time for interaction and networking.


Thanks to Bryan Tuttle (he’s the speaker in the first picture above) and the team of volunteers for making this possible!

Registration is Now Open

Register for free at today! 

The event will be held  at the Microsoft NERD (New England Research & Development) facility in Cambridge, MA.

ArcFact7 006 ArcFact9

Call for Speakers

015This is a volunteer-driven event, and speakers of any technology background are welcome and encouraged to submit sessions that will help experienced developers to assume architect roles.

The Call for Speakers will close on January 21st.

See the event page for details on the tracks, type of content being sought, and how to submit your ideas.


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  1. roybrew says:


    Were any of the presentations for this event ever posted anywhere?

    Roy Berger

  2. Chris Bowen says:

    Hi Roy,

    The speakers are still working on sending/posting them.  I’ll post an entry with details when things are set.



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