Friends, Books, and Roadshows

n_east_roadshow_120x120_Blog Button With three cities done, Jim and I have four more stops remaining on our “Don’t Fear the Coder” Northeast MSDN Roadshow:

  • December 3 - Farmington, CT
  • December 8 - Waltham, MA
  • December 9 - Providence, RI
  • December 15 - Augusta, ME
  • In an attempt to maximize the amount of stuff we need to carry from place to place, we’re testing out a new idea, “Bring a friend, get a book”

    IntroducingSilverlight3For any of these remaining events, if you bring along a friend to the Roadshow, we’ll give you both a copy of Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 3.

    How?  When registering online (with the above links), you’ll be asked for a Referral Code…


    Just enter the name of your attending friend (or they can list you if you’ve already registered), and you’ll each get copies of the book when you both sign in at the event.

    Can it be that easy?  Pretty much, but here are The Official Rules:

    • Government employees are not eligible for promotion
    • Both parties must be present to win
    • If onsite supply runs out, books will be mailed to recipients

    See you on the road!


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    1. Curious says:

      Hi, what if both my friend and I have already registered (I wanted to bring him even before I learned about this great offer), is there a way to modify an existing registration and get that wonderful book?

    2. Chris Bowen says:

      @Curious – great that you’re already bringing a friend!

      I don’t think there’s a way to edit, but deleting and  resubmiting should work, or it may be easier to call events (877-MSEVENT) with the event ID.  Only one of you needs to mention the other.

      Thanks, and we’ll see you soon!


    3. RangerWez says:

      🙁 … sad … I would have gladly brought a friend to Albany … oh well, maybe next time

    4. Chris Bowen says:

      @RangerWez – Yes, sorry about that.  The promotion wasn’t offered (it’s region-wide) until after our first three events.  

      I hope we’ll be able to offer it for our next series (around Feb/Mar)!


    5. caseyd418 says:

      I have just registered. If I invite a friend, is he supposed to register as well and put my name in the Referral Code field?

    6. Chris Bowen says:

      @caseyd428 – Yep.  As long as you both register, only one person needs to name the other in the Referral Code field.

      See you at one of the shows!


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