Code Camp 12 – The Schedule!

code camp 12 We’re on the home stretch for this Saturday’s New England Code Camp 12: “The Developer Dozen” (what is Code Camp?), a free day filled with with technology sessions given by the area developer community.

       New England Code Camp 12
       Saturday, October 17th 
       8:30 AM to 6:40 PM
       Microsoft, 201 Jones Road (6th Floor), Waltham, MA

Registration is still open!

Sessions and Schedule

CC12 will feature 45 sessions by 29 speakers in 7 rooms, all for free! 

The session grid (as always, subject to change) is below, and session descriptions are online. 

We’ll have printouts of the grid and descriptions waiting for you at registration.

The Schedule (click to expand):


Register today and we'll see you at Camp!

P4050052Saturday Evening Geek Gathering

A Code Camp tradition for years, we're informally gathering over at the Waltham Westin's lobby bar for a chance to unwind on Saturday night. 

Drop by after sessions are over to relax, chat, and network with fellow New England devs!

Thanks to Our Contributors!

Last but certainly not least, thanks to the contributing companies who have made this event possible:

  • Lunch courtesy Magenic  magenic_logo
  • O’Reilly oreilly_large
  • Pearson/Addison-Wesley  pearson_logo
  • Pluralsight Pluralsight
  • Red-Gate redgate
  • Wiley/WROX wrox_logo 


  • See you at Camp!


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