Vermont’s First Code Camp a Success!

Having helped to run the New England Code Camps for a while now, I know that organizing one is no easy task.  It’s especially challenging to run the first one – finding a venue, raising awareness, encouraging people to speak, reaching out to companies for support, etc. 

Rob Helping with RegistrationRob and Julie Kicking Things OffCode Campers

So I’m confident when I say job well done to everyone who organized and volunteered for Vermont’s first Code Camp this weekend!

In particular, thanks to Rob Hale, who did an outstanding job stepping up to take point for organizing the event, and to Julie Lerman, who for many years has worked to drive and improve the Vermont developer community. 

Of course, a Code Camp simply couldn’t happen without the support of the speakers (local and out of state), volunteers, and contributors/sponsors – all of whom deserve many thanks!  And finally, thanks to the over 80 attendees who invested their Saturday to gather to share, learn, and network.

Time for Giveaways

It would have been a success for any Code Camp, but to see the diverse tech community presence, support by local and national companies, a perfect venue (thanks to UVM), and excellent presentations all at a first attempt is a great accomplishment.

As a bonus, my wife and I were able to a weekend of the visit to Vermont and enjoyed revisiting our favorite Burlington places (we used to live there, so I’m always happy to make the trip.)

The VTC Student-Created VTank XNA Game!Dave Burke Presents!

Code Camp season is upon us (MA, NH, and NY each have Camps in the works), and it’s off to a great start!


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  1. RobH says:

    Chris, thanks for the kind words.  I was so pleased you chose to make the trip to join us at the VT code camp. And what a nice treat to meet your lovely wife. I’ll see you at the Waltham code camp next month. Until then… stay classy!

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