New Group! The Upstate NY PowerShell Users Group

PowerShell Good news for those of you who like to express yourselves in concise, yet powerful ways…

The Upstate NY PowerShell Users Group has just been formed for the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse areas and focuses on ways to learn and utilize Windows PowerShell for administration and development.

Join organizers (and PowerShell MVPs) Joel Bennett and Jeffery Hicks for the group’s first meeting (from the event’s flyer):

Upstate NY PowerShell Users Group
September 9, 6:00 PM

New Horizons
50 Methodist Hill Drive, Suite 50
Rochester, NY 14623

Please join us as we kick off the Upstate NY PowerShell Users Group, serving IT Professionals from Central and Upstate New York interested in learning more about PowerShell . Meetings will likely be held in Rochester and Syracuse but please help us figure it all out by attending our first meeting.

Please RSVP to

For those of you in the area, it should be a great way to connect and learn about making life easier by using PowerShell!


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