Publishers Offering Support for User Groups

High pile of hardcover books Run a user group?  With funding and sponsors a constant challenge, you’re probably always on the lookout for things to give away at meetings.

Fortunately, many publishers have great relationships with the user group community and have established programs through which you can receive promotional copies of books and other items to use as giveaways or for book review programs.

Here’s a list to get you started:

(Know of any others?  Please comment below or contact me.  Thanks!)

It’s a symbiotic relationship - you get stuff to help the group, and they get visibility in your community.  Be certain to take advantage of the opportunity.


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  1. ASPInsiders says:

    Great post for user groups from my fellow DE Chris Bowen : Run a user group?  With funding and sponsors

  2. Dan Stolts says:

    I think MS Press  should qualify for this list.  They use the UGSS program for their book distribution mechanism.

  3. Great Post!  Another publisher that is really good to work with is Murach.  Murach offers a book review program.

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